Lovely review on the online magazine Parents in Touch -

The Bumper Book of London by Becky Jones and Clare Lewis

The cover tells us that this book has 'Everything you need to know about London and more...' An ambitious claim, but this book does pack in an enormous amount of information. The best thing is that much of it is unusual - this certainly isn't your ordinary guide book. It's a fascinating read and a great book to dip into and learn some fascinating facts to fascinate your friends and family - it's an excellent book for any lover of trivia. Broadly arranged by history, you will learn about art and architecture, landmarks, hidden places, ghosts, pearly kings and queens, festivals, street names, games, traditions, markets, football teams, and much, much more. On just one two page spread, there is London lingo, Georgian houses, Georgian secrets, a poem and a recipe - I can only give a small flavour of the contents here - but do get yourself a copy of this book!

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