Sculpture in the Park

Anish Kapoor's sculptures in Kensington Gardens

Sculpture in the Park

If you are in London and want a walk in the park head to Kensington Gardens to see the fantastic Anish Kapoor sculptures. This is part of a new directive by Julia Peyton-Jones, director of the Serpentine Gallery, to bring art out of the gallery and put it where everybody can see it. These giant stainless street mirrored sculptures provide endless entertainment - think Fun Fair Hall of Mirrors style distortions.  They also enchantingly reflect and enhance the landscape, trees, sky, water, wildlife in the park.If like us it is an uphill struggle to get your brood excited about going to a modern art exhibition, entice them to come out with tales of Peter Pan, Pirates, and ticking crocodiles using the the Peter Pan walk from our book 
London Adventure Walks for Families.  Once you've got them to the park it's pretty much a guarantee that, in spite of themselves, the children will love the sculptures too.

Day at the Museum

Tales of a City: London Adventure Walks for Families on sale 
in the Museum of London bookshop

We set off to re-explore the Museum of London. We hadn't been since it's amazing makeover and came out greatly inspired. The museum has completely revolutionised the way they display their collections. It is out with the boring glass cabinets and in with real life settings and interactive displays. We especially liked the Victorian Walk, a charmingly atmospheric street, packed with all the shops you would expect on a high street, the pharmacy, the toy shop, a barber, a milliner, a pub, and even a latrine, brilliantly bringing Victorian London to life. Have expected Charles Dickens to appear from round the corner. The Pleasure Garden was also real delight, an 18th Century park recreated with trees, figures dressed in period costume, birdsong and chatter, with a clever backdrop of film of acrobatic entertainments. It makes you feel as if you are really there. If you haven't been for ages then a wander round here would be an easy and enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon, the children will hardly realise they are in a museum. What's more it's completely free.

New beginnings for Adventure Walks

Welcome to our new Adventure Walks blog.  We are planning to use it to give our readers ideas and inspiration on where to go and what to do with children.  We've picked out our favourites off the beaten track museums and places to go for families and are always on the lookout for new, special places.  We will be walking regularly and will feedback on where we've been and what we've seen.  Sign up if you'd like to receive free walks for families by emailing us at Adventure Walks.  Our website is still up and running but we wanted to find a more interactive forum for you to tell us about your walk experiences and for us to send you regular updates and information.  We'd love to see your photos and suggestions, too.  

A children's workshop and leaf rubbing with crayons

Isabella and Otti on a Winnie the Pooh walk with the Daily Telegraph

Becky at the Golden Treasury Bookshop, South London

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