Sculpture in the Park

If you are in London and want a walk in the park head to Kensington Gardens to see the fantastic Anish Kapoor sculptures. This is part of a new directive by Julia Peyton-Jones, director of the Serpentine Gallery, to bring art out of the gallery and put it where everybody can see it. These giant stainless street mirrored sculptures provide endless entertainment - think Fun Fair Hall of Mirrors style distortions.  They also enchantingly reflect and enhance the landscape, trees, sky, water, wildlife in the park.If like us it is an uphill struggle to get your brood excited about going to a modern art exhibition, entice them to come out with tales of Peter Pan, Pirates, and ticking crocodiles using the the Peter Pan walk from our book 
London Adventure Walks for Families.  Once you've got them to the park it's pretty much a guarantee that, in spite of themselves, the children will love the sculptures too.

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