Hips, Haws and Hedgerows


Don't know about you, but we think the blackberries have been better than ever this year. When we walked in the Chilterns the other day and picked our way down the hedgerows, the blackberries were unusually delicious.. cobnuts were littering the ground; sloes, hips, and elderberries were weighing down the branches. 

We came home laden - or would have done if we had thought to take a bag to gather it all into.....Here's the link for the blackberry jelly recipe we were going to use:   blackberry jelly . Never been quite sure what to do with cobnuts other than have them in a bowl on the table only to throw them out untouched a few weeks later. Finally thought it best to look up what to do and found this: Cobnut Recipes on the really nice Allen's Farm website. Apparently children used to play a version of “conkers” with hazelnuts.  


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