On the Trail

This morning we walked under the stunning 3 storey high Timber Wave at the Cromwell Road entrance to the V&A.  Snaked our way through the galleries to the London Design Festival hub and picked up our map.  Rolled around on the Textile Field in the Raphael gallery, then did a speed walk round the rest spotting the LDF exhibits along the way.  It was a bit like hunt the thimble looking out for the LDF exhibits nestled in between the usual fare of the museum.  Loved designing our own wallpaper on the ipad in the Beyond the Valley gallery (2nd floor of the British Galleries).  Touch the screen and add glorious images and illustrations to a background scene, a bit like high-tech fuzzy felt.  Uploaded our creations.  Loved the David Mach's giant silver gorilla. 

Top Tips for the V&A:  
Start at the Exhibition Road entrance to get information, free bag, free directory and map etc.
Exit via Cromwell Road and the Power of Making exhibition, V&A and Crafts Council joint effort.  

We got a bit lost.  Highly recommend asking the very helpful gallery guides who know just how to get about the museum.  

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