Secret London: Great views

The newest and, we think, the best vantage point to gaze at London’s iconic skyline is one of London's best kept secrets, yet to be discovered.  Get there first! 

To find it head down to Cheapside at the St Paul’s Cathedral end.  Slip through one of the discreet entranceways of the spanking new shopping mall, One New Change.  Jump into one of its funky clear glass lifts to be whisked up to the 6th floor and step out onto a breath-taking roof top terrace and the best free view in London. 

Simply walk around and take in the 180 degree view from the Shard, to the river, to St Paul's and the City.  Or have a drink or dinner in the Madison Restaurant up on the roof.  It's open from 7am to midnight, seven days a week.

You heard about it here first.


  1. Hello.
    Just popping over from Adventures At Home to say hi. And to say how we LOVE LOVE LOVE your books and that we've completed quite a few of the walks now. I've just written about one we enjoyed on Sunday. If you get a chance, do pop over and have a look at how we got on.

    Thanks again for being our inspiration to get up and out of Hackney!

    Julia x

  2. Thanks Julia. Lovely to see you here. So pleased you are loving the books.


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