Love is in the air

We have gathered our favourite ideas to inspire you for a Romantic Valentine's Day, assuming of course that you can squeeze out some moments without the children.  Leave home early for a secret breakfast, have a lunchtime assignation, or a mid afternoon escape.  Believe us, Valentine's Dinner is so not the way to do it...

Meet for tea and delicious cakes at London's oldest and finest patisserie Maison Bertaux at 28 Greek Street in Soho.

Take a Thames Clipper on a moonlit boat trip along the river.

With the sound of Bow Bells to accompany you, take the glass lift to the roof terrace of  One New Change on Cheapside for one the most breathtaking free views of London.   

Baby it's cold outside, but it is never too cold to eat the delicious artisan ice cream at Bocca de Lupo's Gelupo on Archer Street in Soho.  

Arrange a lunchtime rendez-vous underneath Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and get close up to the glamorous Man Ray photographic portraits of the stars of the twentieth century at the National Portrait Gallery.

Escape early and meet for breakfast at the Rose Bakery in the cool Dover Street Market, Piccadilly.

Take the overground out to Richmond and walk along the river to Petersham Meadows and the delectable Petersham Nurseries Teahouse for a slice of cake or a bowl of warm soup.

Eat chocolate at London's finest Chocolatier, Paul A Young, in Camden Passage, Islington.

Watch an old movie for free at the BFI Mediatheque on the South Bank. Stroll along the lamplit embankment afterwards, like that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but hopefully more articulate.  

Meet at our favourite deli cafe, Verde and Co in the heart of eighteenth century Spitalfields on Brushfield Street.  

But if you can't get away, just watch this clip from Cinema Paradiso to get you in the mood.  Happy Valentine's Day.

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